Germany passes €9 nationwide monthly transit pass plan

Germany’s upper legislative house Friday gave final approval to a €2.5 billion plan to offer a national €9 monthly public transport ticket for the summer.

The Bundesrat approval means the three-month subsidized pass plan will come into force from June 1. Each monthly ticket will allow access to all buses, trams, metros and other means of local transport, including regional trains running on intercity routes.

That makes it theoretically possible to travel across Germany at a massive discount using the new ticket. For comparison, at present a monthly ticket valid only inside the two central zones of Berlin’s mass transit system costs €86 per month.

The public transport policy was announced following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is part of a portfolio of measures aimed at cutting dependence on energy imports and boosting the uptake of clean forms of transport.

Transport Minister Volker Wissing said this week that the price cut would offer mass transit operators a chance to persuade car-owners to make a permanent switch.

Critics argue the plan will mean congested trains and buses while some in wealthier tourist retreats fear it will lead to an influx of city dwellers.

Germany passes €9 nationwide monthly transit pass plan

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